LG All Level Code (Low Success)

Delivery Time: INSTANT - 3 Hours

Price: $ 4.70925

Important Information:

- This service generates 5 codes that will unlock all LG devices locked to any network worldwide.  

- Here is a sample result : nck=8529053745131770 nsck=8558293690133851 spck=1719861607195489 cpck=2032645272426176 simck=7586464818511527

- CDMA Phones Not supported IMEI starting 99xxxxxxxxxxx and 352452xxxxxxxx Do not submit these IMEIs because the code will come back as SPC=000000 , which is CDMA programming code and no refunds will be available in this case. 

- Please be sure to find the code entry instructions before submitting your order.

- There is no solution to enter the code in U900, U880, U890, U400 and some more, and all LG Android Cell Phone with the new "Device Unlock App".  So please verify prior to ordering that a code can be entered for LG devices. 

- Refunds will not be available for any reason even with video proof. If you submit the wrong IMEI or wrong brand you will receive a junk code and there will not be a refund available in this case. 

- Verification unavailable

- No cancellation for delayed orders 


WARNING : Some devices only have 1 code in the Factory Database.  If you only receive the NCK code there are no other codes in the database to provide and refunds will not be offered in this case. 


Potential problems with these devices: 

- Operator can change the codes from the defaults and the factory default codes will be wrong. 

 - Blocked Counters

- Custom Firmware

- Replaced Handset or Hardlocked Firmware Changed by operator

- Relocked Handet by operator


Normally these problems can be resolved by flashing a generic Firmware in your phone and then, unlocking the device with the same codes.


Please read and agree to the terms of the service