iC unlock by hardwar [ SERIAL + WIFI + BT ] FOR A7

Delivery Time: 1-2 Miniutes

Price: $ 3.45

Service Description:
The service activation code is only used for iPad repairing and hard-solving iCloud/replacement hard drive code writing service, not iPhone.

Submission method:
Please enter "A7" in the field of order submission, and the order will be issued automatically.

Reply template:
DQWNQABCD198 WiFi: 25F3877E0475 BT: 25F3877E076

data support:

A8 is suitable for: (/A8/A9/A10/A11/CPU's IPAD solution ID)

A7 is suitable for: (IPAD5 generation of A7CPU, mini 2, mini 3,)

A5 applies to: (A5/A6/A6X)

Other models are not supported.

Matters needing attention:
1. After the service activation code is issued, the ID activation lock switch is guaranteed for 24 hours, and it will not be returned after 24 hours;

2. In case of failure to activate, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot:

1. Check whether the serial number, WiFi address, and Bluetooth address are incorrectly written;
2. Whether the device is a 4G version, if it is a 4G version, cut off the 4G resistor and try again;
3. Re-flash to the latest IOS system;
4. Remember that the IOS12 system needs to be activated with iTunes or WiFi. If activated with Ace or third-party tools, it will not be activated.